La Terreta : Diminutive of terra (land) is how we affectionately call the area of Valencia and surroundings, a culturally rich area with a great history. Several civilizations have been part of the development of the city, to place it for many years as one of the most important points of the Mediterranean. Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is known worldwide for its architecture, history, and above all its gastronomy. Here you can enjoy the best paella in the world, as this typical dish originated here. 

This project was born with the idea of sharing the culture as well as the purest Mediterranean lifestyle:  All through our holiday homes. We collaborate with different local businesses to make you enjoy a unique experience in our villa or getting to know and explore the city. From gastronomic tours for you to enjoy the authentic Valencian paella, to catering with tasting of Iberian ham and wine, to guided bicycle tours for you to get to know our beautiful city. 

We also have our holiday villa for you to celebrate your event:  Whether family, wedding or birthday with your friends and family, in a modern environment with all the Mediterranean essence. We collaborate with local external companies and caterings so that your event is unique and special and where you will not lack anything: food catering, entertainment, shishas catering...

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  • Bachelor of Science. Computer Engineering Tech
    Northeastern University, Boston

  •  Network Engineer
     Rosellimac

I love to travel and learn from other cultures.  At the same time I love my city so for me it is a passion to share our lifestyle and our Mediterranean culture through "La Terreta". I live between the United States, where I follow my professional career, and Spain. 

Viajar, conocer gentes de otras culturas, los deportes, en especial el fútbol… También me encanta el diseño de interior /exterior (tal como se ve en la villa de La Terreta) y como buen ingeniero, todo lo relacionado con montar y modificar cualquier cosa, en especial los coches. 🙂



  • Redactora en sección Nacional (internship)
    Antena 3 

  • Máster de Periodismo en Televisión
    Universidad Nebrija

  • Licenciada en periodismo
    Universitat de Valencia 

Estudio un máster de Periodismo en Televisión para dedicarme a uno de los oficios más bonitos del mundo. La positividad es mi punto fuerte. Adoro leer poesía y escribirla. Me muevo entre Madrid, donde vivo actualmente, y Valencia 

Me encanta leer y escribir. También hablar mucho con la gente, sobre todo escucharla. Desde que empecé con Netflix, soy forófa de las series.